Measurement of fuel

Thanks to advanced technology Sat-Dog Fuel Indicator can specify the amount of fuel in your tank. And that is not all. When you refuel your car, Sat-Dog will recognize that and estimate the amount of fuel tanked. The Indicator specifies the amount of fuel with an accuracy of 10% and it is operating only with the ignition key on.


Fuel consumption and mean fuel consumption

Sat-Dog indicates fuel consumption calculating the amount of fuel at the beginning and at the end of each drive. At the beginning and at the end of the day Sat-Dog calculates total fuel consumption. In the Daily Report, as well as, in the Work Report, Sat-Dog will provide you with mean fuel consumption for each of your company's vehicles.


Fuel Loss Alert

If the Indicator's reading shows fuel loss - that the amount of fuel dropped between turning-off and turning-on the ignition key - Sat-Dog will signify this with a special alert, Fuel Loss Alert. With Sat-Dog nothing will miss your attention.