Basic Feature Pack

Basic Feature Pack will provide you with information about: :

Data concerning the amount of fuel are obtained through an analogue fuel sensor in the vehicle's tank. Measurement accuracy is satisfactory for passenger cars and delivery vehicles up to 200 litres capacity. For delivery and construction vehicles we recommend installing a flow meter or a measuring probe. In CAN equipped vehicles the accuracy of measurement is greater.

With Basic Feature Pack you will receive Reports on:

Basic Feature Pack will also provide you with Charts presenting:

Basic Feature Pack can be extended according to what you and your business need. There are 9 possible Extended Feature Pack options.

SAT-DOG Fleet - Extended Feature Pack

Option 1
Additional appliances: a 'private-working time' switch
Extra functions:

Option 2
Additional appliances: a transmitter that prevents engine ignition
Extra functions:

Option 3
Additional appliances: a measuring interface reading CAN protocol
Extra functions:

Option 4
Additional appliances: SAT-DOG installed to the central locking (if the vehicle has one)
Extra functions:

Option 5
Additional appliances: SAT-DOG installed to the vehicle's alarm (if it has one)
Extra functions:

Option 6
Additional appliances: a DPS location sensor
Extra functions:

Option 7
Additional appliances: a thermocouple
Extra functions:

Option 8
Additional appliances: SAT-DOG identification sensor
Extra functions:

Option 9
The Marketing Package
Extra functions: